How Can We Help You?

DS Jones & Company provides consulting services to the insurance industry. We work directly with property & casualty, life, reinsurance companies, and specialty situations, such as run-off reinsurance business, expert witness, valuations, or additional project resources. 

In addition, we work with the broader spectrum of the insurance business consulting with insurance brokerage firms, professional advisors, vendors servicing the insurance industry, and banking groups with insurance operations.

A strong client-consultant relationship is fundamental in order to establish confidence, trust and success. Establishing a good professional relationship enables a solid understanding of client’s businesses, challenges, and potentials – it leads to a dynamic sharing of ideas and knowledge. Professionalism and integrity are core values of our practice. Clients deserve the best effort. This includes maintaining and enhancing skills and knowledge. It also means providing advice that is timely, objective and reliable.

A framework for success is developed based on several critical factors – relationships, listening, integrity, and professionalism.  Within this success framework, the firm works with management to help build value, efficiently effect change, and to sharpen their knowledge and leadership edge. We team with several consulting firms that either have specialized skills or complimentary insurance industry backgrounds. This provides a depth and breadth in capabilities that enable us to help many different executives and organizations.

Let us know how we can help you with...

Your  Business

Property & casualty
Life & wealth accumulation
Insurance Distribution
Property & casualty
Life & wealth accumulation
Bank assurance

Insurance Executives
Chief Executive Officer
Business Line Director
Financial Officer
Tax Director
Specialty Needs
Run-off specialty
New insurance ventures
Expert witness

Insurance Vendor
Technology providor
Professional advisor
Management consultant

Your Needs

Building a world class finance organziation.
Need for temporary senior financial management support.
Improving the performance of the finance operations.
Management of tax provision and technology under FAS 109 & IFRS.
Developing a business understanding from financial information.
Implementing new processes, controls, & technology for new or emerging finanical pronouncements.

Operational & technology
Creating best in class business operations.
Maximizing the value from your technology initiatives.
Understanding business needs and best technology approach.

Business planning & strategy
Build a successful bank insurance business.
Exiting unwanted business or lines of business.
Create a business plan to attract capital.
Map out success strategies.
What is the value of my agency & how can I maximize value.

Market research
Align marketing with customer needs.
Ensuring your company's success, growth, and market position.
Understanding drivers and trends in products, markets, or customers.

Insurance industry knowledge
Expert assistance with disputes and legal matters.
Assessment of an investment in the insurance industry.
Specialized insurance industry skills and knowledge.
Team players who understands our businesses.
Maximizing value of run-off insurance/reinsurance business or structure.

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